About us

About Spin City

A genuine central point between Little Italy, Chinatown and ByWard Market, Spin City embodies quintessential urban living surrounded by cultural and social meeting places, a public market, a waterway, cycling paths, trendy cafés, cultural events, culinary rendezvous and green spaces.

Express your urban soul

Striving for balance between creativity and raising the bar can sometimes throw us into a tailspin, making it easy to lose our perspective on things and even break the ties that bind us to our deep‑running roots.

Combining physical fitness and spirituality is merely one of our many frantic quests for success. But even all of the world’s successes can never fully take on their meaning if we are unable to express that energy that makes up the unique nature of each and every one of us.

Spin City is an indoor training studio, but first and foremost, it’s a symphony of wood and concrete, a hub of modern living where the wildest paradoxes come together in harmony, an organic encounter that is in tune with one’s deep inner self.


It’s no coincidence that we used a garage door as a window: a concept that is both organic and industrial, where nurturing both body and soul go hand in hand, where an openness to others is the first step towards an inner journey.

Spin City is the combination of New York’s wild pace and California’s spiritual levity, an expression of its unicity.

Spin City is enjoying life with an espresso or a protein shake, listening to one’s playlist while watching the sun slowly rise over the city.

Spin City is suspending time, giving it one’s all in the Spin Studio and going back home with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Protein shakes

Spin City offers unique energizing protein shakes to give you a full post workout recovery so you can quickly move on to your next activity. Reserve your protein shake on line and it will be ready for you by the time you finish your workout. You can also order one at our Spin Boutique.



Express your urban soul

Spin City is an indoor training studio offering a new breed of spinning sessions. Located at the corner of Bank and Nepean, Spin City symbolizes the ultimate meeting between urban and traditional, chaos and design, natural and industrial, dynamic and philosophical.